Ocean Surf Shop performs expert ding repair on surfboards and SUPs. We can work in polyester resins, epoxy resins, and PVC-based Epoxy resins. We are glad to give general estimates by phone, or at the shop.

Below are general estimates of what a repair might cost. Feel free to bring any board by the shop and one of our staff members can give you an idea of the parts, cost and time associated with a repair, which is usually a week to 10 days.


  • Small Hole: $15-$25
  • Small Tail or Rail Ding: $20-$25
  • Fix Nose (tip only): $20-$30
  • Big hole: $25-$45
  • Leash Plug Replacement:  $25-$35 (plus $16 leash plug)
  • New Fin Plug (one-FCS): $25-$35  (plus $15 fin plug)
  • Delamination area: $40-$60
  • Cracked/Broken nose: $45-$55
  • Replace Futures or FCSII fin box: $45-$55 per box (plus $17 fin box)
  • Replace longboard fin box: $75-$85 (plus $20 for fin box)
  • Board broken in half: $125-$175
  • Complete Deck Pad Removal (shortboard): $15
  • Strip old wax, clean board, re-wax: $15


  • FCS II, Futures, FCS Fusion fin foxes: $14-$17
  • Single FCS plug: $8
  • Standard replacement Fins: $18 -$22
  • Standard replacement longboard fins: $26-$32
  • Fin-screws (FCS/Futures boxes): $3.50
  • Screw for a longboard fin box: $3.50

We also carry an extensive line of Epoxy and Polyester ding-repair kits and materials. We are happy to instruct you on how to get started with a repair on your own.

If it’s an emergency, and the waves are firing, bring your board to the shop, throw it on the board-horse, and we’ll help you get a small ding sealed up the best we can on a time crunch.

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